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EMS HS-591 Sculpt Muscle Building Machine
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EMS HS-591 Sculpt Muscle Building Machine

  • Model: HS-591
    Brand name: Apolomed
    Certificate: ISO 13485, SGS ROHS, CE
    Operator interface: Simple mode and professional mode
    Operation system: ARM-A9 (Android/OS)
    OEM/ ODM: Professional design team & rich manufaucture experience
  • Apolomed


EMS HS-591 Sculpt Muscle Building Machine Introduction:

Application & Areas Can Be Treated

  1. Eliminate stubborn stomach fat 

  2. Tighten and tone the abdominal muscles 

  3. Lift and sculpt the buttocks 

  4. Improve abdominal separation 

  5. Build muscle AND burn fat simultaneously

Working Principle

We know that "traditional fitness" relies on our brain to transmit signals to muscle nerves. After receiving the signals, the muscle nerves control muscle contraction to complete a series of muscle movements. EMS technology is to "deceive" the muscle nerves by simulating the bioelectrical signals of the brain. In short, it is to simulate the brain to send signals to the muscle nerves to make "the muscles move by themselves".

Electromagnetic Wave is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. A single treatment session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles. 

                  ems principle




Advantages of EMS HS-591 Sculpt Muscle Building Machine:

1. Lose weight

According to the research of human neurology, through the electronic pulse current directly acting on the muscle nerve, it can go deep to the fat body, stimulate the densest nerve and induce the muscle to produce contractile movement, so that the fat cells in the rapidly active state, generate the heat energy friction heat of the cell body, and make the muscle produce the automatic contraction and relaxation, 10 times the rapid slimming force, high speed fat reduction, Help you eliminate flab, firm skin, create sexy curves.

2. Increase muscle and shape

Through the modularization of low-frequency current and compression clothing as the carrier, at the same time to different muscle groups "send commands", activate muscle cells, increase oxygen content, promote healthy metabolism, let the deep muscle, as well as usually not easy to exercise the muscle, all at the same time "move themselves".

3. Beautify the body and protect the spine

Unlike traditional fitness, EMS "passive" fitness does not impose additional burdens on joints. By exercising the muscles of the neck, back, waist and buttocks, you can increase muscle endurance and support, relieve joint and bone stress, and naturally stand up and be flexible. The vast majority of people with back pain have obvious relief experience after the first use.

4. Firming the skin

Diet and other "passive" weight loss inevitably sagging skin, EMS fitness mode is very close to the active exercise, can make the user's skin cells get a good metabolism, close to the subcutaneous tissue, sculpture perfect dimension. After 1-2 months of continuous use, waist circumference and hip circumference can be effectively reduced by about 4-6cm at most.

Apolomed HS-591 is new technology focus on both fat and muscle, is performed for muscle toning, fat Burning,  body contouring, 30 Minutes with no downtime.



Through the high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure one can enlarge current muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers. By applying 3 different applicators, the treatment procedure could treat abdomen, buttocks (butt lift), arms, calves, thighs and pelvic muscle restore.

                    EMS handle3ems handle2EMS handle

Humanized design of LED, 180 degree turnover type

                    EMS screen1    ems screen 3    ems sceen 2

Apply Android/RTL operation system with user friendly operation Interface

                      2-性别选择9.7-G    4-竖屏-标准治疗界面E


  • For all skin types over whole year around

  • 3 different applicators to meet different areas’ treatment request

  • Multi-languages supported, meets requirement of global market

  • IC card management control design for providing different business mode


EMS HS-591 Sculpt Muscle Building Machine Specification:

Power output3000W
Pulse Width300us
Energy1~10 Tesla adjustable
Operate Interface9.7" True color touch screen
Cooling SystemAir cooling system
Power SupplyAC 100~240V, 50/60Hz



Shanghai Apolo Medical Technology Co., Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Various technologies Laser (Pico Nd:YAG,CO2......), Platform Laser, HIFU, PDT LED, Body Slimming technologies for using in medical and aesthetic industries.



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