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  • Effect of picosecond laser on skin

    The picosecond laser is not skin peeling, skin changing, whitening in three days, or removing freckles in seven days. The picosecond laser is to break the melanin particles at the bottom of the skin into powder and then metabolizes them. However, attention should also be paid to the protection in th

  • Difference between Q-switched laser and picosecond laser

    Picosecond laser, medical beauty project. It refers to the use of a picosecond pulse width laser to act on the target cell, which can produce a "mechanical wave" on the target base. The high energy generated by the wave can vaporize the cell, and the pigment particles in the cell can be completely s

  • Precautions for CO2 laser treatment

    The treatment effect of CO2 laser is particularly good, and the safety is relatively high. It will not cause any damage to the skin, but also achieve the ideal treatment effect. The CO2 laser can not only treat acne pits but also effectively remove flat warts and condyloma acuminatum. During the tre

  • Introduction of IPL hair removal

    IPL photon hair removal is a new hair removal technology and beauty method. IPL is known as strong pulsed light, also known as color light, composite light, and strong light. It is a kind of broad-spectrum visible light with a special wavelength and has a relatively soft photothermal effect.

  • Introduction of CO2 laser

    The CO2 laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.6 μ m. It can vaporize tissues to achieve the purpose of treatment. Main treatment: vascular skin disease, pigmented skin disease, malignant tumor, benign tumor or cyst, keratosis, hyperplasia, and other skin diseases.The CO2 laser is a kind of la

  • Introduction of ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine

    The ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine mainly consists of a motherboard, power supply, laser gun, chassis, water pump, and display. In fact, the laser gun is the main part, the laser gun, the split gun core, and the energy lamp. The energy lamp crystal rod has a life of about 500000 points for gene

  • Advantages and precautions of IPL hair removal

    The technology of photon hair removal, IPL, can restore the original elasticity of the skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles and shrink pores while the photon hair removal. Improve skin texture, and complexion and tighten skin. It can solve light skin problems such as mild peridermal keratosis and unev

  • Introduction of IPL

    IPL is a kind of broad-spectrum light formed by focusing and filtering a high-intensity light source. Its essence is a non-coherent ordinary light rather than a laser. The wavelength of IPL is mostly 420~1200 nm. IPL is one of the most widely used phototherapy technologies in a clinic and plays a ve

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