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Tattoo removal fractional erbium multi platform skin lasers system
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Tattoo removal fractional erbium multi platform skin lasers system



HS-900 0713

The multifunction beauty machine can support 8 different handpieces:
1. IPL: Permanent Hair Removal, Photorejuvenation, Remove Vascular, Pigment and Acne;

2. EPL: Combination IPL and bipolar RF;

3. RF monopolar: Skin Tightening, Weight lossing, Sculpture, Pore Cantracting;

4. RF bipolar: Skin Tightening, Sculpture, Wrinkle Removal, Pore Shrink

5. Q-Switched Nd:Yag laser: Tattoo and pigment removal;

6. 1064nm Long pulse Nd:Yag laser: Permanent Hair Removal for all skin types, Dispel Leg Veins and Vascular lesion;

7. 1540nm Fractional Er:Glass laser: Non-ablative Skin resurfacing, Remove deep winkles and scars;

8. 2940nm Er:Yag laser: Wart and Nevus removal, Skin Resurfacing, Wrinkles and Fine lines.


melasma removal machine laser in Laser Beauty Equipment

1. 8-in-1 multifunction system available,which combine different technoties in one basic unit.

2. Auto-detect interchangeable handpieces for option.

3. Excellent cooling system with TEC water tank,Italy pump and high speed fans.

4. Multi-languages supported,meets requiremnets of global market.

5. Friendly touchable operate interface with standard mode and professional mode.

6. Interlock design ensure safety treatment environment.

7. Mudularized design for convenienet maintenance.

8. USB and IC card function supported.



melasma removal machine laser in Laser Beauty Equipment

Er:YAG laser Handpiece 2940nm Er:YAG Fractional ablative laser
Energy 7x7 pixel:12~28mJ/microbeam
9x9 pixel:4~20mJ/microbeam
Beam expander:500~2000mJ
Zoom lens:500~200mJ
Pulse width 1.5ms,2.0ms,2.5ms

Er:Glass laser Handpiece 1540nm Er:glass fractional laser
Energy 10x10 pixel:30~70mJ/Microbeeam
18x18 pixel:5~25mJ/Microbeam
Pulse width 10ms,15ms

Long pulse laser Handpiece 1064nm Long pulse Nd:yag laser
Pulse width 10~40ms
Repetition rate 1Hz
Energy density φ9mm 10~110J/cm2
φ6mm 60~260J/cm2
φ9mm 150~500J/cm2

Q-Switch laser Handpiece 1064/532nm Q-switch Nd:YAG laser
Spot size 1~5mm
Pulse width <10ns(single pulse)
Repetition rate 1~10Hz
Max.Energy 2400mJ(φ),4700mJ(φ6+φ7)

Spot size 15*50mm
Wavelength 420~1200nm
Filter 420/510/560/610/640~1200nm,SHR filter
690~950nm for SHR
IPL/EPL energy 1~30J/cm2 (10~60 level)

RF Handpiece RF Monopolar or RF Bipolar
Output power 200W
RF tip φ18mm,φ28mm,φ37mm

Operate interface 8" true color touch screen
Cooling Advanced Air & TEC water cooling system
Power supply AC 100V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 65*48*115cm(L*W*H)
Weight 72Kgs



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