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Vertical Weight Loss Diode Laser Slimming Machine
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Vertical Weight Loss Diode Laser Slimming Machine

Brand name:Apolomed
Certificate:ISO 13485, SGS ROHS, CE0197, US FDA
Function:Stubborn fat removal
Operation system:ARM-A9(Android/OS)
Operator interface:Simple mode and professional mode
Applicator size:4*8cm and 4*6cm
Widely use:Hospitals, medical centers, dermatologists and beauty salons
OEM/ ODM:Professional design team & rich manufaucture experience


HS-851 19

The 1060nm wavelength has a special affinity for adipose tissue, and four flat non-sippy probes can simultaneously treat multiple sites in as little as 25 minutes of treatment. By adjusting the laser energy of the treatment probe, the temperature of the treatment site is raised to 42℃ to 47℃ to destroy fat cells. The surrounding tissue is not damaged during the course of treatment. The process also has contact cooling to improve comfort and protect the skin. After the treatment, the body will metabolize naturally over time to eliminate the damaged fat cells, and the best results will be obtained within 6 to 12 weeks.

Apolomed laser sculpture machine 1064nm body sculpture slimming machine fat removal equipment

Body Sculpture

Fat removal

Especially for abadomen, waist, thigh, flabby arm


Advantages of diode laser body sculpture machine:

1. Non-invasive technology and no damage to surrounding tissue
2. Advanced and powerful cooling control system for comfortable & safety treatment
3. Constant Temperature controllable with real time monitoring skin temperature
4. Stable high energy output ensure efficiency treatment result
5.Adjust height of handpiece by using electric lifting lever
6. Humanized design of LCD with 90 degree turn move and one key lie down automatically
7. RF ID / IC management control design for providing different business operations models ( ie. member card, Rental.... )
8. Apply Android operation system, is capable for more functions of saving customer database, developing applications and customize interface.

HS-851 20


Apolomed laser sculpture machine 1064nm body sculpture slimming machine fat removal equipment

Laser sculpture model

HS-851(Apolomed Laser 1064nm  body sculpture slimming machine laser fat removal equipment)

Slimming applicator


Applicator size


Pulse mode

CW (continuous working); Pulse

Output Power

50W per diode (Total 200W)

Power density

1.875 W/cm2

Operate Interface

9.7" True color touch screen

Cooling system

Air&Water circulation cooling

Power supply

AC100V or 230V, 50/60HZ




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