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Safe 1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpture for Weight Loss
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Safe 1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpture for Weight Loss

Model: HS-851
Brand name: Apolomed
Certificate: ISO 13485, SGS ROHS, CE0197, US FDA
Function: Stubborn fat removal
Operation system: ARM-A9(Android/OS)
Operator interface: Simple mode and professional mode
Applicator size: 4*8cm and 4*6cm
Widely use: Hospitals, medical centers, dermatologists and beauty salons
OEM/ ODM: Professional design team & rich manufaucture experience



Application & Area can be treated?

Stubborn fat removal: 

- Underarm                        

 - Back

- Upper abdomen               

- Outer thigh    

- Flank        

 -Inner thigh       

- Calf

What is 1060nm Body  Sculpture Diode Laser?

1060nm Diode Laser system adopt the non-invasive body contouring hyperthermic technology, which use specific 1060nm wavelength laser mainly target the adipose tissue to reduction of stubborn fat in area such as love handle and abdomen. It is not like traditional weight loss way to reduce the fat cell size. 1060nm diode laser is really fat loss technology to decrease the fat cell numbers.

                                             diode laser principle


APolomed body contouring laser system is USA FDA cleared. This non-invasive body contouring laser system is used to eliminate fat cells. It is a reliable and robust system equipped with four individually controlled 4 applicators, allowing simultaneous treatment in more than one body area.

Body Sculpture Diode Laser


  • The 1060nm wavelength lasers with applicator size 40x80mm or 40x60nn sapphire heads, each applicator head is equipped with 2 temperature sensors and 4 contact sensors to allow machine to monitor and control output to ensure patient safety and comfort.

  • Delivering contact cooling to ensure patient is always comfortable.  

  • Individual control of each head enables disparate areas to be treated simultaneously.

  •  Handpiece can be extended by pulling the extension cradle for best treatment position.

           1  diode laser body sculpture 5

Our ARM- A9 (Android/OS)  software offers for two types of use, smart mode which greatly simplifies operation and reduces the chance of errors, or professional mode for a more tailored treatment.

              1首页       2-参数选择-男   

               3-部位选择G2       4-标准模式


270°Flodable & Turn nover 9.7'' Android touch screen

diode laser body sculpture 1diode laser body sculpture 2diode laser body sculpture 3diode laser body sculpture 4


RF IC card control for different business models

  • FlexiPrice which reduces the initial cost in exchange for a pay/use element

  • Alternatively can also be used to enable machine sharing between different operators

                diode laser body sculpture 6     diode laser body sculpture 7

Our diode laser body sculpture is latest fat reduction technology Non-invasive, no down-time 25 minutes quick & hands-free treatment.  Key benifit of our machine:

  • 4 Applicator heads for treatment in a range of body areas

  • Individual control of each applicator head

  • Smart mode for guided use of the system

  • Temperature and Contact sensors to ensure safe use

  • High value treatment

  • Purchase option with low cycle costs

  • Proven technology


1060nm Body  Sculpture Diode Laser Specifications:

Applicator size4*8cm / 4*6cm
Pulse modeCW pulse mode
Power output60W per diode (Total 200W) 
Power density0.8~1.6W/cm²
Operate Interface9.7" True color touch screen
Cooling systemAir & air compressor cooling system
Power supplyAC120~240V, 50/60Hz


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