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Portable Dermatology 980nm Diode Laser With Fiber
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Portable Dermatology 980nm Diode Laser With Fiber

980nm spider blood vessels removal  diode laser machine with ce medical

Product Description

Principle of 980nm diode laser:

Based on theory of "selective laser photothermal", 980nm diode laser system uses specific 980nm wavelength to penetrate into skin for vasular treatment. The laser irradiation lesion, under laser irradiation, hemoglobin and red pigment capillaries to maximize absorption of laser energy, solidification occurs, blocking blood vessels, capillaries shrink, leading to intravascular coagulation, finally metabolic degradation. Due to the specific 980nm wavelength of the laser, it assures normal intact skin tissue architecture in the greatest degree during the vascular treatment and also ensures a good therapeutic effect without damaging superfacial skin.

HS-890 980nm diode laser

Applications of 980nm diode laser:

  • Vascular lesions

  • Proliferative lesion

  • Spider veins

  • Liner angitelectasis

  • Cherry angiomasA Gold standard in hair removing

Specifications of medical portable 980nm vascular removal diode laser

Vascular laser model HS-890
Wavelength Diode laser 980nm
Laser output power 15W or 30W
Output modes CW, Single or Repeat pulses
Pulse width 5-400ms
Repetition rate 1~50HZ
Transmission system Fiber of 300um with SMA 905 connector
Operate Interface 8 inch touch screen
Warranty Technical support forever
Voltage AC 100V or 230V, 50/60HZ
Demension 28*27*37cm (L*W*H)
Weight 8Kgs

980nm spider blood vessels removal diode laser machine with ce medical

Advantages of 980nm diode laser spider vein removal machine:

1. The advanced laser technology for red blood veins/vascular/spider veins removal in contrast with high frequency in the market.
2. 15 or 30W energy to satisfy different requirements.
3. Three modes: CW Pulse, Repeat Pulse and Single for optional.
4. Short time operation, no injury, no bleeding, no burning, redness or scar.
5. The obvious effectiveness: Only one or two treatments are required
6. Output power calibration at end of fiber


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