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What is the use of picosecond laser?
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What is the use of picosecond laser?

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Some people get tattoos on impulse, but now want to wash them off. At this time, this kind of picosecond laser equipment can well meet the needs of consumers. So, what is the use of picosecond laser?

Here is the outline:

  • What is the use of picosecond laser?

  • How to use picosecond laser?

  • What are the applications of picosecond lasers?

What is the use of picosecond laser?

1. Remove tattoos. Tattoos of almost any color can be lightened or even removed with these devices. This type of laser is specifically used to treat tattoos and pigmented lesions. Moreover, because the effect of this type of laser mainly relies on the burst of ultra-short pulse energy, consumers can achieve the purpose of removing skin marks safely and efficiently.

2. Safety. These lasers have passed the TUV Medical CE certification, and consumers can rely on these high-quality products. Moreover, the development and use of this type of technology has a long history, and this type of laser machine has passed various clinical trials.

3. skin rejuvenation. In addition to removing tattoos, such laser devices can also remove pigmented lesions on the surface of the skin. Whether it's age spots, acne scars or tiny wrinkles, these types of laser devices can help consumers deal with them.

How to use picosecond laser?

1. Read the product manual. There are many different models of laser machines in the market. Consumers can find the corresponding product model and read it carefully. In this way, consumers can avoid a lot of trouble in the use of subsequent laser machines.

2. Consult professional advice. There is a Chinese saying, don't be ashamed to ask. Since everyone's energies are limited, it is only possible to understand within a few scopes. Therefore, market-experienced consumers will gain a clearer market understanding by consulting professionals.

3. Select the appropriate use occasion. This type of laser equipment is relatively bulky and therefore suitable for operation in stationary situations. Moreover, clean and relatively empty beauty salons are the most common use cases for such instruments.

What are the applications of picosecond lasers?

1. beauty salon. All kinds of customized beauty salons can carry out reasonable laser treatment according to consumers' respective skin conditions. In this category, high-quality laser equipment is very necessary. With such equipment, beauty salons can attract more consumers.

2. The dermatology department of the hospital. Laser mole removal has become a very common and effective cosmetic procedure. Many times, smooth skin can make a person look much younger.

3. tattoo parlor. Some high-quality tattoo parlors also offer tattoo removal services. This is where high-quality laser equipment comes into play.

In short, high-quality picosecond laser equipment can not only help consumers deal with various pigmented lesions, but also remove various types of tattoos. Shanghai Apolo Medical Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese enterprise that has been producing and processing various types of laser equipment for many years. We have rich production experience and advanced service level. Smart consumers don't miss us.


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